Requires permission "" to create zones for the selected account

Good morning everyone, I am a new Cloudflare user and I have encountered several problems with the sending link for activating the new account.
I finally managed to activate my current account, but when I enter the website to add, it gives me this error:

Requires “” permission to create zones for the selected account

I’ve tried every way possible but I can’t add my domain.

Can you tell me how I can solve the problem?

previously, in the various past attempts, I had managed to add it but on another account, which however I never verified and which I closed once I verified the current one.

Please… Help me!!!

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No reply in 3 days? I’m starting to believe that Cloudflare is not a good option for my site. I thought it was the best provider of this service available but apparently I was wrong, and the people who suggested it to me were wrong.

If you submitted an account request using your Cloudflare dashboard you should expect that an initial response will take at least five days. They Community can often help faster, but only if you share enough details

You haven’t provided enough information to allow anyone in the Community to provide a useful answer. You obscured your domain, which is the most important detail that you need to share.

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If this is your Cloudflare account, and not someone else’s account that you have been invited into, I would recommend opening an account ticket. You may need to have permissions re-synced.

If you share the ticket number here, we can escalate it for you.

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Could you tell me where I can open a Ticket please?

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I think I solved the problem, the site hooked up correctly this morning.
But now I’m having problems with the usability of the site… mysteriously it’s offline.
I opened this new thread: DNS Error 404 error
In the meantime, I thank you for your availability

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