Required to use Cloudflare Wordpress plugin for our site to use Cloudflare?

Our site uses several caches including WP Engine cache, WP Rocket, Super Page Cache for Cloudflare and the Cloudflare plugin from Cloudflare Inc. Off and on for several months, we had an issue with the site main menu, which is generated by a third party plugin, not appearing after updating certain plugins and clearing of the site caches. Generally, it seems that the Cloudflare plugin is causing the issue as this behavior is not duplicated on our staging site which does not use the Cloudflare plugin. Now it has been necessary to deactivate the plugin in order to display the menu. My question is there any issues with not running the Cloudflare plugin on our site?

There are only 2 features of the plugin that cannot be replicated in the Dashboard. One is the Auto Purge Content on Update, which purges Cloudflare cache for relevant URLs when there are some changes on your site. The other is the use of HTTP/2 Server Push, which has for practical purposes become obsolete anyway since Chrome decided to deprecate it sometime last year.


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