Required Records to Enable Email Routing


Around one hour ago I transferred a domain ( from Namecheap to Cloudflare. My intention is to host it with another company other than Namecheap.

[2] ACTION TAKEN (Please see attached screenshot)

So far I have not added any DNS records at Cloudflare. As initial step I decided to enable Email Routing to avoid losing emails from today until I complete the hosting configuration at the hosting company. Then when I visited the “Email Routing” section I found the message attached to this post.


A. Are these records being required because I had just transferred the domain name a few minutes before accessing Email Routing?

B. If I click on “Add records and enable”, would those records appear in the DNS section of domain management or are they integrated internally in the system without being shown on the DNS page?

C. Once I finished configuring Webmail with the hosting company, can I come back to Cloudflare and disable the Email Routing?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Those requires are required before email routing will function on your domain.

They will show in the DNS section of the dashboard

Yes, there is a button that walks you through disabling email routing on your domain

Thank you very much!