Required DNS Settings for My Network Solutions Hosted Email

I’m very confused. I purchased an email account at network solutions. They need me to add one MX record and two CNAME records to my DNS for it to work.

This is what Network Solutions gave me.

What do I put in the “Name” field?
I think I see what I put in the Target Configuration field.
What is the “alias” for?

I’m lost. Any help would be appreciated.

For the MX record, the name is @ (meaning the root).

For the other two, the name is either mail or smtp. Depending on what they are used for, you probably need to set them to :grey: (the smtp record almost certainly :grey:)

The terms CNAME and Alias are sometimes used interchangeably, in your case replace the “yourdomainname.ext” in the “Target Configuration” with your domain name, and put that in the “Target” textbox when adding the CNAME.

Did they also give you details for SPF and DKIM?

I’m having the same issue. I don’t know what ANY of this means. I’m afraid to go in and add anything. I had to pay someone to set up my site on Cloudfare. I’m afraid I’ll take my site down.


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