Require WARP/VPN to access an application

I’m using a Cloudflare Tunnel to make my local Home Assistant available.
Then via Zero Trust I created an application to secure the access to this tunnel.

I’m now also using Cloudflare WARP (VPN) on all my mobile devices.

Now I have configured both the Application policy and the Zero Trust ‘My Team’ to give access to the same people.
Is there not a way to require WARP/VPN connectivity to access an application? Ideally I would say anyone with access to my Zero Trust via WARP has also access to the application.

I would have expected it in the ‘Authentication Method’ or ‘Service Token’ selectors but I don’t see a suitable value.


There sure is!

Require Gateway · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

You’ll just need to enable the device check in Settings, then it’ll show up in your policy selector.

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