Require public IP of website



Is there any way to get all possible public IP of my domain which is hosted behind cloudflare? One of my payment gateway provider requires static IP where my site is hosted to send the data but my site is behind the cloudflare so I can not get single or fixed number of IPs.

Any help is appreciated.



When your web server processes a payment, it will come from the IP provided to your web server, not one of the IP addresses Cloudflare uses to hide your server. The IP you should give to the payment processor is the one you can get from your hosting provider.


Hi Judge,

Thanks for your reply!

I understand that all the outbound requests will be directly sent from my server’s IP but here my payment processor wants to send the data (IPN data) to my server(inbound request) so they would require public IP of my domain.

Since my server is behind the cloudflare, I am looking for public IP(s) of my domain where payment processor can connect and send data.



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