Require help with name serves. Who is cloudways?

Hello cloudflare team, I am contacting you as I have recently had to switch my web Hosting back over to my original nameservers in TMD hosting as my websites were down when pointing to your servers. My hosting support team informed me that my nameservers had been changed and were pointing to cloudways instead of cloudflare which I had originally set up. I’m not sure why this change to cloudways or if they are apart of your business as well? Please can you assist me with resolving this issue? At the moment my name serves were pointing to TMD hosting however, I would like this to go back to cloudflare without any further technical issues. Kind regards, Jordan Murray-Bruce


foreveractive-gb.c o m and planaone.c o.u k

Both domains are currently using Cloudflare and load fine. What would the issue exactly be?

On Cloudflare’s side, just make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict for both domains (if not, you’d still have insecure sites) and your configuration should be all right.

I appreciate the help a lot Sandro! From where I am in the UK the sites are running a lot slower than normal.
I have spoke with TMD hosting and they told me that my site was going to be switched to point to their name serves. When I spoke with them last they confirmed it was done so I don’t know how I’m still using cloudflare. Last time my site was pointed to cloudflare I was receiving this screen from the image attached

The site is not loading overly fast, however that will be a performance issue with your host. Aside from that issue, it’s generally loading fine →

Maybe pause Cloudflare and clarify with your host if you have all correct DNS entries and make sure the performance is as expected. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause again and it should also work fine on Cloudflare.

The nameserver setup itself is correct.

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Alright I understand, a bit strange but will speak with my Hosting provider and get to the bottom of this. Thanks very much again Sandro , I really appreciate it !

Yes, they should be able to provide more information here, however currently your domains are both using Cloudflare. You’d need to change the nameservers here, if you don’t want to use Cloudflare, but that’s something your registrar or your host has to do. Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

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