Require Cloudflare official Email ID

Recently I transferred the hosting siteground to hostinger. I tried to setup cloudflare on my domain " it showing "you have added another email id on cloud flare. I deleted my domain from Cloudflare, still hostinger is showing.
I chat them, they told me- first you mail to the Cloudflare team and told them, delete my all database from my website name is
Could any one provide me cloudflare direct support team email address.:pray:

It’s support AT cloudflare DOT com
Be sure to email them from the email address associated with your Cloudflare account.

Was it active on cloudflare directly or via a partner? I see a lot of history with Cloudflare for that zone, Historical NS records for - SecurityTrails.

Next, did the domain expire in the past week/if so did you renew it? I noticed the name servers change :arrow_up: from 5 days ago and shows an update 4 days ago.

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