Require callback from Cloudflare agent to access our DNS records

Our previous web developer set up Cloudflare nameservers for our website under their own Cloudflare account; however we are no longer working with them and they won’t give us access, which means we can’t access our DNS records to transfer our settings, or properly maintain our own website.

We require assistance from an actual person at Cloudflare. We submitted a ticket to Cloudlfare but have not yet recieved a response. How can we get in touch with an actual person from Cloudflare so that we can authenticate ourselves and prove that this indeed our domain so we can properly transfer our settings. A third party should not be able to hold our own domain and its DNS records hostage, and we can prove that this is indeed our domain.

Cloudflare isn’t going to give you the details from an account that isn’t yours for obvious reasons.

You can take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at your registrar to those for a new Cloudflare account or another DNS provider. You can find out DNS records by looking up any you can search for, or by contacting your web and email hosts.


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