Require authentication on WARP client launch

I’ve just set up WARP with a tunnel to test as a VPN alternative. The problem is that if I reboot the machine I installed the Client on, it connects automatically. I need it to require re-authentication after a session ends. Anyone know how to do this?

So far I’ve tried wiping some settings from %LocalAppData%\Cloudflare\App-Settings.json and running “c:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP\warp-cli.exe” access-reauth but neither work. The access-reauth cli command says that it forces reauthentication, but it doesn’t seem like this is actually the case. Rather it just opens the reauthentication window in a browser - the actual WARP client stays connected.
I’ve also looked at the code of the warp-cli (ascii strings in the compiled version, when I search Cloudflare’s Github for ‘warp’ it doesn’t come up with anything) and didn’t find anything helpful there either.

Is there any news on the subject?
We would also be interested. I mean, the best would be of course a way to place this in a rule.

E.g. an extension of the already existing setting possibility to maximum session length around the topic reboot of the client would be nice.