Require AUP to login to Zero Trust Access

Is it possible to require users, when connecting to Zero Trust Access protected system, to complete/agree to an Acceptable Usage Policy that we would create/type/provide?

Basically some kind of text that the user promises to only do x-y-z and unauthorized usage is prohibited, etc. They just click OK or whatever to continue.

Ideally this appears after the login, but beforehand is fine too. I am open to alternate ways to achieve this as a workaround, but it needs to be part of the sign-in process and not something manual/separate entirely otherwise I could just send them a docusign or something - which I wish to avoid, especially because changes to said AUP would be a nightmare going through and re-collecting signatures from everyone.

Hi @bmartin,

This could be filed under Feature Request here:

Something similar to this:

Do consider opening a feature request thread.

Thank you.

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