Require assistance on disabling Cloudflare CDN

Hi Team,

We are using cloudflare CDN for our site “”, we are in the process of migrating to another hosting provider and we are planning to use Fastly as a CDN service for the domain “

Please advise the changes we need to consider to disable Cloudflare CDN & any other things which we need to take care.


You just need to point your domain to your new nameservers and Clouflare won’t be involved any more. Optionally you can also remove the domain from your dashboard, though Cloudflare will do this automatically after a while, once you don’t use their nameservers any longer.

Thanks for your response Sandro!

I will be still using Cloudflare to manage the domain, I just want to know how to disable Cloudflare CDN since we are going for Fastly CDN service.

Please advice.


What exactly will you manage? Cloudflare is not really a CDN, so if you are referring the proxies, then you’d basically need to switch everything to DNS only (:grey:). At that point you don’t really need to use Cloudflare any longer.

You could also pause Cloudflare on the Overview page, which will also switch off the proxies.

From the home page of Cloudflare if I choose the option “Caching” I can see the cache report like the pages are getting cached and the cached pages are serving the requests.

Do I have to do anything to change this when I change the A record to point it to Fastly CDN?

Please advice.


The moment you disable the proxies you won’t have caching any more either.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Also, are you familiar with what Cloudflare actually does and how it works?

I want to use Cloudflare only for DNS management and I would not want to use Cloudflare for PRoxy/CDN, since I am migrating to Fastly CDN.

I would require your advice on how to disable Cloudflare Proxy/CDN. Please advice.

Thanks much!

See my previous responses for that.

Though, Cloudflare for DNS only is a bit of an overkill. You could also use your registrar’s DNS service in that case.

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