Requests to website failing with "Please wait while your request is being verified..."

Transactions from some remote hosts polling one of my websites that is using Cloudflare are failing to get a response - triggering a page with “Please wait while your request is being verified…”.

A similar issue is described in community discussion as being related to Cloudflare caching, but none of the conditions for the issue there apply to this case - specifically the website is not using the “Cache Everything” page rule, nor setting and Edge Cache TTL.

The requests causing the issue are innocuous - one is to poll and receive a JSON packet in response, the other is to poll the domain with a query appeneded (e.g. domain?variable=value) along with a POST packet (again triggering a json response).

Other servers polling same location do not see an issue: so far I have not identified a specific characteristic of the servers with the issue though the response to the similar issue noted above may indicated that the servers are running some kind of common firewall system.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what might be causing the issue and / or what I can do to mitigate (other than remove the website from Cloudflare which I am reluctant to do)?

For the record, turning off Proxy in DNS settings (i.e. making site “DNS Only”) makes the problem go away … would be good to find a better solution that is less extreme.

If this is a Cloudflare JS Challenge or Managed Challange page, there should be a log in your Security > Overview > Firewall Events.

If you cannot find any log, you should investigate with your hosting provider if they have installed some proxy that may be interfering here.

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