Requests to domain name are arriving directly to the server IP

Hello everyone,

I’ve change my nameservers to point to Cloudflare. According to pages like], my nameservers are updated.

In my DNS Settings, I have 2 A records: and www. The current proxy status is Proxied.

Now here is the problem: When I try to ping or access my domain, I get the response directly from my server IP and not from cloudflare. This is so weird, because in the first moments of Cloudflare integration, https worked fine for about 20 minutes, but then, it suddenly stopped working and now all the traffic is going directly to my server IP.

Is the response header “server” have the value cloudflare? And, when you look at the IP it gives you, is it your server’s IP definitely, or does it start with 104? (posting your domain would help)

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