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Hey I am currently using the pages product to test out some things.
There is a package in python called flet which is a implementation for flutter so that I can do websites in python. Anyways it works pretty fine on itself and I can host them on pages no problems. Now I am also using the requests library and set up a little API in python together with ngrok and flask. Sadly I can’t do any requests to the API as I either get an urlib3 erno50 (protocol not available) error when I set ngrok to HTTP or something along the lines of no SLL available when setting ngrok to HTTPS.
This is a very specific problems and python is probably not the most common used language here togheter used with the requests library. I still hope someone can help me.

That isn’t going to work. Further information:

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That was really fast, thank you for the information it’s really helpfull!

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