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I’m brand new to Cloudflare. I tried to open the search suggestion for my topic but won’t open.

I’m seeing “Total Requests” climb higher and higher. I’m nervous. I don’t have a site up.
I have a domain active but there isn’t anything there. I’m using the domain and Cloudflare as a tunnel to access services on my home network.

The dashboard tells me where these requests are coming from but what are they after?

I turned my server off here at home in effect causing the tunnel to error out but these requests still climb.

I have 2FA set for my Cloudflare account and to access any of my home services I’ve set some rules up. You have to verify your email with a PIN. For the email to go through it has to be in the approved list. Mine is the only one. Google Account can authenticate if it’s in the list. Mine is the only one. And the IP has to be from the USA.

Do I need more security? Are these growing requests nothing to worry about?

Thanks in advance for steering a newbie in the right direction.

Hi there,

It is difficult to provide any answer here without specifics about what you are seeing.

Are the requests you seeing for your site, do you have some example URL’s that they are requesting?

Potentially these are just bots/scrapers crawling your site. If you are concerned about this you can use Firewall rules to lock down access to your site - Firewall rules actions · Cloudflare Firewall Rules docs or use our Zero Trust solution ‘Cloudflare Access’ to add a layer of authentication to being able to access your site - Cloudflare Zero Trust · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs - Another solution would be to look at super bot fight mode Get started with Cloudflare bot solutions · Cloudflare bot solutions docs

The good news is if you are seeing the requests in Cloudflare dashboards, you can do something about it to block it at our edge.

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@test3 is that the :search: on this site or on

These requests are on the Cloudflare dashboard itself.




7.25 MB



Page views


That’s a cut and paste from the page. And it is from dash dot Cloudflare dot com/[some really long string]

Thanks for your advice. Being so new to this I don’t want to open my network up because I did something stupid.


The requests I was hoping to see were the actual URL’s being requested.

That level of requests, 1.11k does not seem excessive and could just be bot traffic. I would recommend, if you are concerned with it looking at configuring your firewall rules to block the traffic.

You can use the ‘Log’ action in firewall rules, so you do not block any traffic but you can then inspect the requests under the Firewall Events in order to see any patterns you would lke to block on.

Unfortunately, without more specific information about your zone, that I would not recommend sharing on the community - it does make it difficult to advise further.

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