Requests from Iran

I know that there are many topics about connectivity issue from Iran. But I think there is a solution.

When I request from iran with curl -v, it freeze when after:

Connection state changed (MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS updated)

But when I request by other clients like httpie, python requests, wget and … there are no errors. As far as I know this clients don’t support http2. Do you think Iran connectivity issue can be fixed by making users able to disable http2?

That would be neat if that would fix it. Pro (and above) plans have this option.

Now we have two problems. Payment is not possible from Iran:)

I didn’t know about that restriction.

By adding --http1.1 to curl command it works. Now I am sure making users be able to disable http2 can fix the problem.

@sdayman Is it possible to make an exception for this option in free tier to check if this resolve our problem or not?

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