Requesting phishing review results in Error Code: 10003

One of my domains got marked as phishing back in October, and while that issue was resolved, Cloudflare has kept the domain marked a phishing site.

“Your domain has been suspected of phishing or malware”

When I try to request review, I get the following red error from Cloudflare though

‘Error Code: 10003. Status Code: 500, Error: failed to parse response from GetRpats API. invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value (Code: 10003)’

The original incident report with domain can be found here: incident[dot]netcraft[dot]com/05c941b51593/

I hoped this issue would resolve itself, and while this wasn’t really a problem previously, but it’s grown into a larger issue with sites blocking the domain now. Any way I can get a support ticket created to have this issue resolved?

Hi there,

Please submit a support ticket here so we can take a look at it:

Don’t select abuse, otherwise it will redirect you away from support. Select for instance Technical -> WebsiteErrorsOtherYes, then select which website has the issue and create the ticket.

Share with us the ticket number if you can.

Take care.

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