Requesting a global white-list of our User Agent and IP addresses


We operate an RSS Feed Aggregation service, Newstex ( We have several blogs that use Cloudflare DDoS protection, all which have signed contracts with us. Unfortunately this DDoS protection appears to also block our legitimate access of their RSS feeds (for example:

We always provide our user agent of “NewsCrawler/2.0” when accessing these feeds (unless we’re given a different one to use). Unfortunately our UserAgent is typically blocked by your DDoS protections, even though we have a legitimate RSS Feed access use-case, and we have a signed contract with these bloggers to access this content.

Is there something you can help us with at your level to allowlist a user-agent we use to indicate that we are NOT attempting to DDoS or otherwise illegitimately access this content?


Cloudflare users that want to are able to allow access to your request. They can check their security events log to find out why your requests were blocked, and configure to allow them.

Cloudflare doesn’t have a global block, but does use IP reputation which may challenge requests depending on the IP reputation and the customer security level.

Cloudflare also maintains a list of verified good bots, you can apply to be added…


Yes this has been what we’ve been having all of our bloggers do when they can, but many of them aren’t very technical and can’t often figure out exactly how to do this (or need the help of a developer to make this change).

Is it possible to get our IP reputation “reset” ? We use AWS, but we have dedicated IP addresses we can submit if there’s some sort of IP Reputation reset that we could have Cloudflare look at.

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