Requesting 2FA disabled but website crashed in the meantime help!



Really would appreciate some urgent support from cloudflare (ticket 1512561).

I changed my phone and unfortunately cannot ‘get’ 2 factor authentication to work.

I requested that authy re-set the account which they have done.

So the issue is that a website has crashed due to an SSL configuration issue (526 error) but I can’t go in an fix it without going into cloudflare.

It’s a stressful situation, but a lesson for everyone to make a note of those backup codes (for authy / authenticator).

Your help please


ps I created a new account just to access the community as I also could not log into the community forum.


ps. of course the issue is that I’ve waited 2 days for support but unfortunately have no access to the account and have resorted to putting in this community post. Would really appreciate support at cloudflare doing The 2 FA re-set , I have of course already provided all the security credentials in the initial question on ticket 1512561


Checked and it looks like you were already taken care of. Please note that submitting multiple tickets for the same issue is not advised and usually slows response times.

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