Requesting Signed Profiles for Apple

Can Cloudflare profile a signed profile directly from cloudflare for iOS and MacOS devices (and if apple allows Apple TV in the future maybe that) ?

Here is the problem with using WARP - Some apps like banking apps don’t like it. They find that WARP is a vpn (even if you select only dns in WARP) and refuse to work in the presence of an active VPN. A DNS profile on the other hand is perfectly acceptable on iOS if you want to use the same banking app.

Using some random profile on the internet for cloudflare works but a signed profile from Cloudflare would be great. I believe you can add wifi networks to be excluded to the profiles (in case of using an office wifi for example) so that feature can be useful too which warp already provides afaik.

I had fiddled around DNS in iOS 14 when it launched with my developer account and found that the signed profiles worked the best compared to an app doing the same thing in code (no idea why).

Cloudflare already makes the WARP app but a signed profile would be great that directly comes from cloudflare adding some trust to it. Can the developers please consider this ? It can be a really simple tool on the website to create a signed profile and download it (nextdns has something similar for their dns).

Why not just use an unsigned profile? You can check the contents… not really a difference apart from the checkmark.

Sometimes I want to install cloudflare on someone elses device. Installing an unsigned profile doesn’t exactly show any trust. Besides I don’t want to carry any links with me or ask someone to install something from a random website. A lot of the times I will install cloudflare for family and friends and it would be a lot easier if it came directly from and signed than me sending something randomly generated.

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