Requested a Nameserver Change So I Could Use Cloudflare and Received An Unusual Response

I can’t wait to see what kind of responses I get for this issue. One of my websites is hosted with “Wealthy Affiliate” and since they don’t allow their customers to change nameserver settings I had to request the change. To make a long story short, they didn’t say they wouldn’t do it but gave me the following response. How should I respond to this very bizarre Orwellian response from “Wealthy Affiliate?”

Me: Could you please change the DNS setting for so I can use WP Blazer software to its fullest potential?

Old DNS1: New DNS1:
Old DNS2: New

Thank you,

Them: Cloud-flare is a CDN that insists on hijacking your DNS, we are technically incapable of supporting it while also maintaining optimal site performance for our users.
We are unable to support Cloud-flare. Due to the above reasons, if you move your DNS away from us, we will issue a warning and shutdown your site in a controlled predictable manner, allowing you plenty of time to plan for it, in order to prevent your site from going offline at an unexpected time.
For hosting the site at WA the name servers specified by WA are required to be used.

I wouldn’t call it “hijacking,” as it’s completely with the domain owner’s permission and initiation.

They clearly say that if you move your DNS away from them that they’ll shut down your site. Let’s just call it “holding your site hostage” and/or “blackmail.”

Clearly, they won’t let you use Cloudflare and their hosting at the same time. So you have a choice to make.

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