Request unbinding two factor authentication, recovery code lost

Request to solve this problem.request (#2511950)

is your ticket number that :point_up: or :point_down:

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Ah, I think I can see what is going on, please do not open duplicate tickets, that slows down your reply time and for everyone else.

We now have a fully automated 2FA reset process that allows you to use backup codes on a known device to regain access. Please follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article Issues with two-factor authentication to regain access to your account. Did the automated process not work?

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is 2513167


Did you do this?

Thank you, I have escalated your ticket.

Could you help me to expedite it, please?

You should have already received a reply in the ticket and should continue the discussion there.

But I replied the day before yesterday, and so far I haven’t received any news.

We cannot do anything to speed up the process, if you replied to the response you received then it will be in the queue.

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Ticket 2513167 was resolved 3 August 2022

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