Request to Whitelist IP Address for Ryviu Plugin Connectivity

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I am currently facing an issue with a plugin on my website and am seeking your assistance. I have recently installed the Ryviu plugin to my online store, but I’ve run into some difficulties while trying to establish a connection with my API.

Upon discussing this issue with the Ryviu support team, it appears that my server is not permitting the Ryviu application to establish a connection with my store. The recommended solution from the Ryviu team is to allowlist their DNS IP on my server.

The IP address provided by the Ryviu team is

As I understand, this is something that can be done through Cloudflare’s Firewall settings, but I would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide step-by-step instructions or pointers on how to do this.

If there are any additional details or steps that I need to take into account during this process, I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you in advance for your time and help. I am eager to resolve this issue as soon as possible to ensure the smooth operation of my online store.

Best Regards,

Hello Loai,

To allowlist the IP address in Cloudflare, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Cloudflare account and select your website.
  • Go to the “Firewall” tab.
  • Click on the “IP Access Rules” section.
  • Enter the IP address ( in the “Value” field.
  • Choose “allowlist” from the “Action” dropdown menu.
  • Add an optional note for reference, then click “Add.”

After completing these steps, the Ryviu plugin should be able to establish a connection with your store. If you still encounter issues, please contact the Ryviu support team for further assistance.


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