Request to support additional languages for Video Caption Files

Hi Cloudflare Team,

At the moment there is no option to distinguish between Video Caption files in:

  • Canadian French and (European) French
  • Latin-American Spanish and (European) Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese and (European) Portuguese

Would it be possible to have these added to the list, please?
Thanks and best regards.

Absolutely. We will update this thread once it is added.

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Hello! I wanted to remind future readers that you may use any BCP-47 language codes using the API, and the player will display the corresponding more specific language name.

For example, the BCP-47 codes for the languages mentioned are:

Language code Display language Language name in English
fr-ca fran├žais canadien Canadian French
fr-fr fran├žais (France) French (France)
es-419 espa├▒ol latinoamericano Latin American Spanish
es-es espa├▒ol de Espa├▒a European Spanish
pt-br português Brazilian Portuguese
pt-pt português europeu European Portuguese

The Cloudflare dashboard features a small selection of all languages. We will shortly add these options to the Cloudflare dashboard so you can select it in the drop down menu.

@user15612 These new languages are now available on the dashboard drop down!

Thanks for the update @renan and thank you for the quick turnaround on adding support for these!

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