Request to reopen a closed topic

Hello, I created a topic about a month ago! It was never replied to and eventually closed! However, the topic was never resolved and I am requesting that it be reopened! The link to the topic is embedded below

Will someone with permission to re-open topics please do so? Please and thanks!

Re-opened until Monday, though should there be no response then, we can probably assume there won’t be any.



If there isn’t a reply within 72 hours, I can just mention morehelp!

To be honest, I’d advise against that. That tag is generally not very well-liked here and most of the time it’s abused anyhow. Plus, it’s primarily for proper support enquiries, which your thread does not really seem to be.

Bottom line, you can’t really force a response. If nobody has something to contribute, then nobody has something to contribute :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s true!