Request to remove the Suspected Phishing


We are getting Suspected Phishing message by Cloudflare for the following URLs.


Other URLs excep the listed ones are working fine.

We have tested our website for Malware, Virus and suspected content but could not find any threat.

How can these URLs be removed from Suspected Phishing.


You should have received an email from [email protected], you will need to respond to that email in order to get the warnings removed. If you haven’t received an email, then you can send them one.

This community is unable to help with and trust and safety issues.


Thanks for your suggestion.

We have mentioned the URL in our post. We want to delete my post/topic for security reason.
Can you please let us know, how can we delete the topic or at least delete the post or edit the post and delete the urls form the post?


That is something @cloonan should be able to take care of.

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I’ve redacted the URLs.

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Many thanks for redacting the urls.

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