Request to Include Rate Limiting in Enterprise Plan

Cloudflare has recently removed the inclusion of rate limiting from the Enterprise plan, making it an add-on feature instead. This is a significant concern as rate limiting is a critical feature for protecting our web applications against various threats such as DDoS attacks, brute force attempts, and unauthorized scraping.

Enterprise customers invest in the highest tier plan with the expectation of receiving comprehensive security and performance features. It seems reasonable that the Enterprise plan should at least include the same rate limiting capabilities that are provided in the Free, Pro, and Business plans.

Rate limiting is not just an add-on; it’s a fundamental aspect of web security and performance management. Removing it from the default offerings of the Enterprise plan undermines the value proposition of the plan and forces customers to incur additional costs for a feature that is essential for robust security.

I urge Cloudflare to reconsider this change and reinstate rate limiting as an included feature in the Enterprise plan. This will ensure that Enterprise customers continue to receive the full spectrum of protections necessary to safeguard their web assets.

I’d talk to your account manager and ultimately vote with your wallet if cloudflare can no longer meet your expectations


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