Request to delete my Cloudflare Pages

Due to a recent Cloudflare Pages API error, I mistakenly believed it was an account issue. Therefore, I deleted the account and re registered without deleting Pages, and found no issues. When I created Pages again, I found that was occupied and publicly accessed. I now need to delete it. Thank you

I’ve escalated this to the team to take a look.

Do note that while I do question why the project wasn’t cleared when the account was deleted, I highly doubt you’ll be able to re-use the same project name and URL, as they are, as far as I’m aware bound to the account that used them the first time forever.

Sorry you are dealing with this. Since there is some private information that would need to be discussed on this. Would you be able to open a ticket with us so that we could further discuss this?

I no longer have this page in my account, and the recreated domain name has been occupied. It will add some letters and numbers. My main intention is to delete the pages because they contain my content. I encountered this big problem the first time I used the pages, and I am a bit unhappy

There is another issue, my

account cannot register for the community

Thanks for getting that ticket in and sorry I missed the other one.

I have escalated them, and we will be providing you an update you as soon as we have one.

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It seems there was a problem on the back end with the deleted account and then the account being recreated.

We have made the changes that should solve this issue. Could you please check and verify?

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Thank you, I am now a member of the community


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Due to an error in the previous Cloudflare Pages API, the I created could not be accessed due to a problem. Therefore, I mistakenly thought it was an account issue and directly deleted the account. When I created the account again, I found that There has been an issue that cannot be destroyed. There is my content on it. Now I request to delete Cloudflare Pages. I tried to submit a ticket, but the system detected that I am not the owner of the domain, but I can fully prove that this belongs to me (created by me). What should I do?

We have fully deleted your former pages site. Thank you for your patience, while we got this resolved.


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