Request timeout

Hello Cloudflare Team,

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We are facing a request timeout for domain and subdomain -, can you please check why it is happening and how to resolve it?

Sharing some screenshots for your reference: Screenshot by Lightshot and Screenshot by Lightshot

We have connected and added CNAME in the below manner :

How can we backtrack where is the gap and why we are getting “request timeout”, need your help in understanding and fixing it.

Hello there,

It looks to me as: your website is parked free. You can get that in control first and the rest will solve automatically!

Hello Neiljay, good day!

Thanks for replying.

Yes so main domain is parked free, that is correct. we are not using this at all.

We are using sub-domain, which is secure.traqkarr. and pointed it to cashkaro.g2afse

and randomly the above mentioned sub-domain show request timeout, so just want to check why it is happening.


You can’t use subdomain when the bare domain is parked free.

thanks for the revert - can you try the below mentioned url after removing spaces

secure . traqkarr . com / click ? pid = 3 & offer_id = 42

it is working perfectly, but randomly we are getting request time out.

Well… I see it’s been redirected!

Yes, so if you can assist here, may I know the reason why sometime we get request timeout and what is the solution ?

The answer: its is generally connected to your origin server. Read this CommunityTip for the given reasons & solutions:

Here's what you can do:

Monitor your server
Check the logs for downtime
Check the usage
You can use status monitor could be anything like: Uptimerobot or Cachet