Request taking long time to respond randomly


I usually see request from our SPA tacking a very very long time to finish. Previously it would happen once a while, but now it’s happening very frequently.

And it seems to be very region based.
For instance, right now, I can work with our app with no problem, but other users in different city or country are seeing delay on each call up to 5 minutes.

The problem happens on both API calls and also assets directly hosted on Cloudflare infrastructure.

In most cases, from our nginx server logs, we see that the API call has reached and it was responded, but Cloudflare doesn’t return the response and browsers keep showing “pending” (they don’t even time out, just keep pending)

Reference to the one of the calls

Cf-Ray: 88b846a7eb338625-HKG
Report-To: {"endpoints":[{"url":"https:\/\/\/report\/v4?s=3VQsJ8gu61DHeicc617vvY4mYzLIeHWpgGIfY%2F66psTaxBjgpcRES8lZrWK3YVrYIzkVaNe%2BDgXceiUR%2FnofK6wsD0uEBiHgruz2IwPQE0Z0FXEv984eRC7aACTq42OpMHF%2B0TlTiKRkGq16BOPyKLvB"}],"group":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}

Worth noting, when we access the same endpoints via VPN the problems goes away, but after some time (1-2 hours), the problem appears again.