Request on custom region of workers

I know workers are on edge and serving as nearest as possible

just want to know if this is possible

example im in US when I request to my workers
so it will resolve from US (nearest)

so what if, for some reason i want to pull it from different region?
example Europe? or Asia?

can i tell Cloudflare to forward my request to Asia?
can i do it by setting headers? or something?

currently im using VPN to deal with this problem

just want to know if there’s some good way in solving this

When you request a Worker, it goes to the nearest datacenter closest to the user who requested it. There is no way to change what datacenter it gets served from.

What is your reason for wanting a different data center?

ahmmm just for testing


if region is US. use function1 to resolve
if region is Asia. use function2

something like that

Workers does not work like that. If you have then it will be served to everyone around the globe. You could make three workers. Worker1 would send the requests to worker2 or worker3 depending on the requests came from. You can not define worker1 to only server the US and worker2 to only server Asia. Both workers would serve both unless you make WAF rules to block.

just another question

so example i have

then if request came from Asia. it will resolve to US?

i mean US worker will answer me?
or will ignore because they only allow request from us?

i mean i also have WAF to allow only US

im not familiar in WAF

when you allow only US. then if request came from other region it will block?

or it will only serve on US. i mean all request will routed to US

It depends on what you mean by resolve. If you mean by what DNS records are returned, then it will be a Cloudflare IP no matter where you are on the global. If you mean by where the request will be handled, then usually it will be the data center closest to the user who made the request.

It is this option. If you make a WAF rule to only allow the US, any other country that tries to request your worker will be blocked.

got it.

thank you for helping me catch up the idea

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