Request: more than one profile set to active with VPN Tunnels

I have opened a ticket for the following and discovered that the status of my ticket was changed to “SOLVED” eventhough the issue that I am struggling with was not addressed properly in any way, shape or form.

I am very disappointed that I have been redirected to here by support.

The issue that I am struggling with is the following:
I have setup seperate VPN Tunnels for each of our vendors for remote support.
Each tunnel is assigned a profile.
And here is the issue… only one profile can be made default at a time.

This means that for the profile that is default only that respective corresponding VPN tunnel is active (can be used).

Unless I am doing something wrong and anyone can help me with this.
If not, than I hereby request for an urgent change in this functionality where multiple profiles can be used at a time so that multiple tunnels can also be used at a time.

Hi @brian.fungloy

Thank you for the feedback.
Please consider upgrading to Cloudflare’s Enterprise (Premium) Support account to work with the product Team directly.

If you would like to remain on a self serve plan, please use this thread for a feature request.

Thank you.

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