Request keeps timing out when SSL is active

I have a flask server that runs on 2053. I also am hosting a website on the server. Both ports 80 and 443 are open. When the flexible SSL is turned on, the website works perfectly, but any request I make to the server times out. I get the 522 message from cloudflare. However, when the SSL is turned off and I make the request, I receive the data immediately, but the site doesn’t work because it keeps trying to redirect to HTTPS (I’ve turned all those redirect HTTPS features off, maybe it just needs time to propagate?).

Anyone have any idea as to why that might be?

Appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance.

to clarify here, all three ports are open (2053, 80, and 443)

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Don’t use that. Ever. It is worse than not using any SSL, as is it lulls your vistors into a false sense of security while you expose all of their data to the world in plaintext as it passes unencrypted between your server and the Cloudflare proxy.

The Cloudflare proxy does not listen on that port.

You can access it on that port using its own hostname set to :grey: DNS Only. Alternatively, you could map a standard port using Origin Rules.