Request Help assistance Concerning Dedicated IP And Cloudflare

Hi All CF Community Professional,

I recently bought a dedicated ip attached with a domain from Namecheap Company, what i was trying to do is to set up “IP-Based Url” .
So the condition is Dedicated Ip, Domain Name and Hosting for Dedicated IP is from NameCheap, but the content and the whole website is in Cloudflare.

When i pointed the NS of CF to the domain name and set up in Namecheap Custom DNS (part) filled with NS from CF, it works.

but unable to find out how to display it in IP-Based URL.

help Please.

What do you understand as IP based URL? http://333.333.333.333? That will still work but not via Cloudflare.

Thanks Sandro for the reply,

let s say the domain name is (attached) with dedicated ip ( ), i will like when i type in , it will appear the website content in

the condition is the content of the website is in CF and i am not have the authority to move the content to others hosting company,the outsource company will just keep it in CF.

That should be fairly simple and only require a redirect to your domain upon a request using the IP.

But Cloudflare is not a host, they just do your DNS resolution and (optionally) tunnel traffic through their network. You still a host to keep your content.

Thanks Sandro,

i Just messaged my mate to confirm with them about your information. that s correct, CF here act as tunnel only, unfortunately i couldnt access the host and ask them permission to access the host, but not granted, is there any solution as bridge for this? thanks.

I am afraid I am not sure I fully understand. If someone accesses your server they bypass Cloudflare, so thats not involved here. If, then, you’d like your domain to show up you just need to send an HTTP redirect with a URL containing your host.

Sandro, Thanks for all the information, i will try to contact with the outsourcing company regarding the host and others.
May i inbox you later on for reviewing this case?


Whenever there is need just post a follow-up here :slight_smile:

Praise God, Thanks Sandro. Thanks so much.

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