Request from Iran

Iranian people are under the many restriction and censorship by the government. Recently Cloudflare has excluded two important applications on Android phones in app:

  1. Google photos
  2. YouTube
    So they are completely unavailable for Iranian Android users.
    We will appreciated if they include those applications again at least for Iran.

Are you using for just DNS, or are you also using Warp+?

I don’t know if it will work with Warp+, but with just DNS it’s easy for your ISP to block the traffic after has done the DNS resolution.

Are you able to run a tracert/traceroute to the DNS endpoint you are trying to access and show what happens?

I’m using Warp.
I attached screenshot of “always excluded” apps in setting

which is read only…

Rumors say that this is due to legal restrictions. But I couldn’t find any accurate information on this yet.

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