Request For Refund

My domain registrar has rejected my domain transfer out request without give me a valid reason, therefore I need to request for refund from Cloudflare as transfer in request is not successfully, I did send an email to [email protected] on 4 Oct 2019, unfortunately there is no reply… kindly assist. Thank you

Hi @xavlow1112, I see your ticket, actually, I see two tickets, that just slows down the queue for everyone, I merged those into 1764714 as the surviving ticket. I see the charge, can you verify with your current domain registrar that they are not waiting for you to approve the transfer? I know with some of mine the transfer would not go through for 5 days until & unless I manually approved the transfer. If I did not manually intervene, the transfer would be on hold for a period of days before it took effect.

To add, per ICANN rules, registrars must allow you to transfer out domains whenever you want (after 60 days of purchase/recent transfer) unless any of these are met. If you are in good standing, they must give a reason for denying the transfer.


Thanks Judge & Cloonan for your time, Cloudflare just refunded me a domain registration credit, I might just the credit when I am renewing or transferring my domain with Cloudflare. :wink:

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