Request for Refund - missed the default option Annual Pro Plan Payment

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request for refunds

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Dear Support Billing Team,

I recently added a new domain to Cloudflare and immediately upgraded to the Pro plan. I was surprised to discover that the default payment option was set to the annual plan, resulting in an unexpected charge of $240.

Number invoice: IN-4956361

I had intended to choose the monthly Pro plan, which is priced at $25 per month. Unfortunately, the default setting caused me to overlook this option, leading to the erroneous purchase of the annual subscription.

I have not utilized any of the services included in the annual plan that I mistakenly purchased. Therefore, I kindly request a full refund of $240 for this unused subscription.

On the same topic,
as the transfer requests failed i have been charged a couple of times without the service migration,
so please can you also refund the following invoices?

Thank you.

Billing issues requre a Billing ticket with Support


In what area can we help you?


could you please update?
is this the real support offered on this service or i’m missing something here?
Thank you.

This is the community forum, where you can contact other people that also use Cloudflare.

As your question is related to billing, you should create a support ticket from the dashboard.

Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community. You can open a Billing ticket here,

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i already did the ticket 3336761, but i’m having no responses from no one,
if this cannot be solved here please can you forward in somehow this ticket to the billing team?
If not thanks any way.


Hey there,

Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us. We are currently reviewing the ticket.