Request for query strings to be cached

hello possible to add this paramenter… to APO query string to be cacheable?
i use plugin for customization and need to load faster
so need to cache presets


have the free CF plan + APO subscription

You can do this now using this setting…

…or cache rules for finer control…

hello thanks for suggestion
but i’m on free plan and have
APO cloudflare (subscription)
possible to do with this setup? i read to ask on forum to put
the query string on APO list of cached paramenters


For a query string parameter to be added to the list of cacheable parameters, you’d need to make a case arguing why it should be cached, showing the plugin is widely used, provide examples that show the parameter is only added to static content page etc.

If will be considered by the APO team, but that may it take a while. As you can imagine, adding this to a list impacts every user of APO, so it should be considered with caution, and I’d expect only highly popular plugins would qualify.

Meanwhile, you can, as suggested by @sjr, create a Cache Rule to cache responses to requests with this query parameter, which will take effect immediately and impact only your website.

When incoming requests match...
URI Query String contains "load-preset"


Eligible for cache

Then fine tune the details such as Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTL as you wish.

Cache Rules are available to any plan level, including Free.

i’m trying… thanks

for you whats is the best Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTl… ?

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