Request for Improved Routing: US Traffic via France, India Traffic Local Routing

I’m writing to request an improvement in routing configuration for two specific scenarios with regard to Cloudflare WARP+(Mumbai server):

1. US Traffic Routing:

Currently, US traffic on the Cloudflare backbone is being routed through Singapore and Japan, resulting in a minimum latency of 300ms. I observed a significant decrease in latency (down to 200ms) when traffic was routed via France during a temporary outage on the Mumbai-Singapore link.

The above shared screenshot is just one out of the many IP addresses on which the issue exists


Therefore, I kindly request that all US traffic currently routed on the Cloudflare backbone be redirected through France instead of Singapore and Japan. This change would significantly improve latency.

2. India Traffic Routing:

In some cases, Indian IP addresses are routed through Singapore or Europe before reaching their destination within India, causing unnecessary latency and inefficient routing.

Take a look at the screenshot below

The above shared screenshot is just one out of the many IP addresses on which the issue exists


If possible, I request that Cloudflare prioritize routing Indian IP addresses locally within India over TATA/Airtel upstream.

Previous Support Attempts:

I’ve previously reported these issues through official support channels ( and, but the tickets were closed multiple times without resolution. Additionally, posts on the community forum regarding similar routing issues haven’t resulted in any concrete action.


I understand that managing global network routing is complex, but I believe these adjustments could significantly enhance the user experience. I kindly request assistance in addressing these routing concerns.

Hi @jdk,

Let me start by thanking you. Your feedback is valuable in helping Cloudflare improve its service.

Regarding your question, due to the way routing works (based on multiple criteria) some requests are sent to data center locations that are not necessarily the closest geographically. For example, if we do not have a peering relationship with your network provider or if that cache location is under heavier load, we may manually route our self-service plans to other datacenters.

Most of the requests are sent to the physically closest cache location, but some requests are sent to nearby ones that are under a lower capacity.

That being said, could you please open a ticket with Cloudflare Support so that we can further investigate this for you, and provide you further information?

We would also appreciate the ticket number here, so that we can follow up with you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you again soon.


Thank you for your response. I appreciate the clarification on caching locations, but my concern primarily lies with routing issues within Cloudflare WARP. To reiterate, when connected to Cloudflare WARP+ (Bombay server), US traffic is currently being routed through Singapore and Japan, causing latency issues. Additionally, Indian IP addresses are sometimes routed through Singapore or Europe instead of locally within India. I have anways created a ticket on support, and the ticket ID is #986130.

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