Request for Identity

Good day, me and a few thousand folks got scammed of collectively around $70k USD on a project that utilized cloudflare as a service

Is there any way to identify who was behind the domain/cloudflare account payment to bring the scammers to justice in whatever jurisdiction they may be in?

The culprit domain is

We would like to find out the identity of the frauds and lodge a police report against them.

Even an IP address would be fine so we would be able to follow up with their ISP to identify and hopefully bring them to justice

Since there is no way for us in the community to prove it’s the truth what you say, I would recommend you using this abuse form here:

Also, be prepared to first identify yourself and be able to provide proof of everything you just claimed. Since security goes both ways an noone should be able to identify another just based on claims, untill proven right. I think Cloudflare also does have a valid interest to protect it’s clients more then others, but if you can prove to the official Cloudflare support (not us here!) that what you claim is true, I can see a chance you may be able to get help.

They have since shut down the discord server and shut down the website. Which is telltale that they were all involved in the scam

There are also other folks working to identify them

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