Request for Documentation for cf.cacheEverything


There’s a feature of the cf object, cf.cacheEverything, that is described on the page VCL Conversion / Controlling the Cache but is missing from the page Controlling Cloudflare Features.

On the VCL Conversion page:

Caching HTML (or other non-whitelisted file extensions):

// Force Cloudflare to cache an asset
fetch(event.request, { cf: { cacheEverything: true } })

Setting the cache level to Cache Everything will override the default “cacheability” of the asset. For TTL, Cloudflare will still rely on headers set by the origin.

Please copy this over to the main documentation for the cf object.

As a general request to improve the documentation: I’d like to see a single reference page to all of the cf object properties and methods in one list.