Request for Assistance and Customizations for Cloudflare Account ,bad performance google ads

Dear Cloudflare Support,

I recently signed up for Cloudflare and have started using it to improve the performance and security of my website. However, I am experiencing some issues with my Google Ads not performing well since I switched to Cloudflare CDN.

I have gone through some troubleshooting steps on my own, but I am still unable to resolve the issue. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in optimizing my Cloudflare settings to ensure that my Google Ads are served correctly on my website.

In addition, as a new user, I am still learning about the different features and settings in Cloudflare, and I would like to explore more customizations that can help me improve my website’s performance and security.

Could you please assign a support representative to my account and provide guidance on how I can customize my Cloudflare settings to better suit my needs?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best regards,

Hi, the Community is made up of people that use Cloudflare that help other people use Cloudflare. Customer Support, product managers, developer advocates, and Community team members are also a regular part of the Community.

But, we cannot, nor can Cloudflare make changes to your account on your behalf. We can answer specific questions about problems or the best approach to making your site better, faster, safer. To start, what is the name of the domain (site/zone)?

is there anything that makes you suspect the ads are not being served correctly?

Configurations options are endless and vary by what you want your site to accomplish/purpose of the site/areas where you are having issues.

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Website: kingskeyy . com ,i’m not getting any impressions or clicks for my ads.
I’m changing to protect my website from ddos attacks first , make my website performant (i have low score in gtmetrix),and good users experience.

Can you help me sir @cloonan