Request for Accreditation for .it Domains in Cloudflare Registrar

Hello everyone,

I hope you all might be interested in the proposal I’m about to share regarding the Cloudflare registrar. I know that many of us use Cloudflare for domain and web resource management, and I would like to put forth an idea that could further enhance the services offered by Cloudflare.

I’ve noticed that Cloudflare is currently not accredited with the Italian registry for the .it domain extension. This means that we cannot directly register domains with this extension through their service. However, I believe it would be beneficial if Cloudflare seeks accreditation with the Italian registry to offer .it domains to its users.

The main reason behind this proposal is that Cloudflare is already known for its reliability and security in the field of web services. If they could also offer .it domains, many of us might find it convenient to centralize all web services, including domain registration, within a single reliable provider like Cloudflare.

I’m confident that there are other users like me who wish to have the convenience of managing everything in one place without resorting to different domain registrars for different extensions. Registering .it domains directly through Cloudflare could also simplify overall web resource management, allowing us to have everything under control within a single dashboard.

I encourage you to please comment and share your thoughts on this proposal. The more support and interest we gather from users, the higher the likelihood that Cloudflare will consider the idea of accreditation for .it domains. If you agree with this proposal, I invite you to share it with other users who might be interested.

Thank you for your attention, and let’s hope this proposal can lead to further improvements in the services provided by Cloudflare.

Best regards,

You asked for it :smile:

Apologies for going to be blunt, but probably not going to happen any time soon.

There’s a tonload of such requests on the forum, across all ccTLDs from .aa to .zz, but few additions. If any, it’s mostly the fancy new wannabe-gTLDs :wink:

I am not saying Cloudflare will never offer .it, and they could very well have tomorrow (well, weekend, so the day after the day after tomorrow) the announcement that .it is suppported, but I would neither expect it for “tomorrow” nor for any time soon. That applies to .it and to all those other requests.

Plus, should you choose to hang around the forum, you may even reconsider your desire to register with Cloudflare. The few cents you may save are typically not worth the hassle.

In short, be up for lowered expectations.

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