Request for a family safe DNS from Cloudfare

It would be very nice if Cloudflare supports adult content blocking DNS. Currently, we have no option other than using OpenDNS.

Is there any plan from Cloudflare to support this? It would be awesome. Fastest along with safest for kids.

I recommend voting on this thread:

But IMO DNS is not the part of the stack filtering should be done. Instead, you should look into installing software that blocks out content via what’s on a webpage, or via the RTA label (see my second post on that thread).


DNS is definitely not invented for that. But due to the variety of devices in use at home, it is not possible to install apps in every devices, and most home routers doesn’t support installing software. So blocking at DNS level is only way to solve this.

You need

~$40 for a Raspberry PI including a case and power supply and

You could use an old PC or laptop as well and Install ubuntu on it. Usable with predefined filters and you can add domains in your own and use as upstream DNS.

I agree with @Judge, DNS is the wrong place for that. However I also understand @cds’ argument for cross-platform support.

As far as options are concerned, OpenDNS is not the only one, offers the same feature.

Should Cloudflare opt for such a feature I’d hope however it would be optional. Ideally the way Yandex implemented it with different IP addresses.