Request event logs without bussiness plan package

can I request log information after 72 hours by providing RAY ID, without a business plan package?

Regarding accessing log information with a specific RAY ID, Cloudflare typically provides access to log data for a specific request or event within the retention period associated with your plan. You would generally use the Cloudflare dashboard to access these logs, and you may need a higher-tier plan to access logs beyond the basic retention period.
Please note that the availability of log data may also be subject to your specific service agreement with Cloudflare.

In the Dashboard > Security > Events, you can set a date range with the Custom Range dropdown menu, then filter by Ray ID for that range. Depending on plan level you may go a bit further back in time.

You can also write a script to fetch firewall events from the API, where you could also set different date ranges as parameters.

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