Request Disable Google Authenticator Apps

I lost the email address associated with my Cloudflare account, what do I do?

Ticketing Number: 1845075

Please respond to the email you received and indicate you’re still having an issue and let the engineer know the applicable domain and associated email for that cloudflare account. Sorry, but nobody on the community can see your account details to help much more than that. But, once you’re back in, let us know how it’s going.

Hi Cloonan,

Please check below ticket details :


I already try, but i still cannot login my account. Please provide any method for me, etc remote assists.

Hi @pang.wl,

Firstly, it looks like you have now opened multiple tickets. That shows it down for you and others so please just stick to one for the same issue.

As @cloonan said, no one here in the community can help you with this issue. You should reply to the ticket with the information requested.

For more info, please see:

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