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I’m new here and just saw my analytics for the first time. Can anyone explain what a request is/means? Thanks

Of course! In technical terms, a request is a communication sent from a client (like a web browser) to a server. It typically includes information about what the client is asking for, such as the type of resource (like a web page or an image).

When you type a URL into your browser’s address bar and press Enter, your browser sends an HTTP request to the server associated with that URL. This request contains details such as the method (usually GET for fetching a resource), the specific URL being requested, any headers providing additional information, and sometimes a body with data, such as form submissions.

The server then processes the request, locating the requested resource, performing any necessary operations.

So, in technical terms, a request is the initial step in the client-server communication process, where the client sends a message to the server to retrieve or manipulate resources.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

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thank you

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