Request: dedicated UI for forwarding domains

Using Cloudflare to forward an entire domain right now is bad. The process is:

  1. Add a dummy DNS A record.
    • Annoyance 1: Figuring out you need to do this.
    • Annoyance 2: Figuring out a good dummy IP address.
    • Annoyance 3: Pointless time, typing.
  2. Add another dummy DNS A record for the “www” subdomain.
    • Annoyance 4: Have to remember www every time.
    • Annoyance 5: More pointless time, typing.
  3. Create a forwarding page rule.
    • Annoyance 6: Need to read up on a micro-format. The docs could be better.
    • Annoyance 7: Can’t create a single page rule that matches both www and no subdomain.
    • Annoyance 8: More pointless time, typing.
  4. Create another forward page rule.
    • Annoyance 9: More pointless time, typing.
    • Annoyance 10: Now using 2/3 of a scarce resource.
  5. Realize that a single page rule also can’t match both no query string and any query string, so you actually need four page rules to do one thing, which you’d have to pay per-domain for, and also that this probably still doesn’t work for IPv6-only clients, so give up and make a feature request.

This could be much easier:

  1. Enable forwarding, enter destination domain.
  2. Confirm selected subdomains.
  3. Choose between 301 and 302.
  4. Choose whether you want to preserve the request’s path and query string.

In case a scope argument is needed, forwarding entire domains is commonly used for things like domain migrations and mitigating user typos.