Request Cloudflair Registrar To Support .Dev Domain

I like to request Cloudflair Registrar to add support for .dev domain.
.dev is not in the ‘Available soon’ list below but hopefully we can get support for that TLD in short order.

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I bet .dev is on their wishlist. After all, they use extensively. It’s just a long process to add any TLD, so hopefully this is one they’re actively working on.

.dev is a Google operated TLD so I’m guessing unlikely, at least in the short to medium term.

(CloudFlare doesn’t act as a Registrar for any Google operated TLDs… yet…)

I don’t know how many TLDs are operated by Google, but I do know that Porkbun and Gandi support .dev registrations.

Oh yes .dev is available in a lot of places.

I mean with CloudFlare’s approach to being a Registrar (no mark up etc) I don’t know if Google will be keen.

I’m not sure why Google would care more than any other registry. They’ll still get the same money from Cloudflare as they would from Gandi or Porkbun.

Yeah. With Google competing with a lot of the CF services, I hope not but I would not be surprised if Google will drag its feet a bit with working with CF Registrar.
I guess I’ll wait another year to see if I can consolidate my domains then.

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